A dedicated, amateur chef and a professional carpenter, Philippe has decades of hospitality and tourism experience. In 2001, he established 'Gatineau Hills Experience', an eco-tourism company specializing in outdoor experiences in this region. Philippe is also a marketing and sales representative for a regional gourmet culinary business.


A conservation architect and historic sites planner, Lori works internationally at World Heritage sites and national monuments. She’s lived on five continents and worked in over 40 countries, developing conservation plans and designing site offerings for visitor experiences.  

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A short history:  from 'auto camp' to MOTElluxe


In the late 1910s, the first car camping grounds were introduced for the growing number of independent, car travelling tourists. Called 'auto camps', these roadside sites gave tourists an organized location in which to pitch their tents.  As the car camping wave gained popularity, the campgrounds of the 1930s were further developed to provide common facilities and for-profit campgrounds were established.

A 'motel' revival is emerging - Motelluxe takes the nostalgic concept to a new high

A 'motel' revival is emerging - Motelluxe takes the nostalgic concept to a new high


With expanding highways, travellers on-the-road began to demand more refined comforts and services. With this trend, the 'motor hotel' or 'motel' emerged.  Motels were specifically designed for motorists' convenience. They were often independently owned and located on the periphery of urban centres. The earliest motel chains were formed in the 1930s, launching well established brands, including Holiday Inn, Travelodge, Best Western, etc. All would have standards for cleanliness and amenities, like television, continental breakfasts, etc.


With changing tastes, and highway routes, many small scale motels were abandoned. The concept of a motel also became popularly engrained with reputations of seedy or questionable repute, and Hollywood productions enflamed that perspective (think Psycho or Scared Shrekless). In the 21st century, a healthy mix of nostalgia and cultural heritage have revived motels in some areas, most notably along 'Route 66' in the USA.


In the retro-tradition of a motel that provided the road-based traveller with comforts and convenience, Motelluxe takes the experience to a new high. The Airstream is also a nostalgic throw-back, but the contemporary design and modern conveniences distinguish it as 'de-luxe'. The Airstream lifestyle enables you to maximize the use of space, yet minimize your environmental impact. You can lessen your footprint even more by opting to live off-grid and using the rooftop solar energy system.

Motelluxe's 25 foot newest Airstream

Motelluxe's 25 foot newest Airstream

sweet AIRSTREAM DREAMs since 1932

Your Motelluxe experience is nestled in a new Airstream. If you're not yet part of the Airstream fan club, introduce yourself to Motelluxe!  If you're an Airstream enthusiast, come over + live the dream!

When visionary and entrepreneur Wally Byam started Airstream Inc. in 1931, there was a growing lust to travel the expanding American highways. A boom for trailers began. In 1937, there were about 400 trailer manufacturers competing for business. Airstream is the only one left from that era. The iconic, sleek aluminum trailers continue to be in synch with the best of 1930s modernity. The extraordinary aeronautic form, with its riveted construction has made the Airstream world famous. It's nothing short of a coveted work of art, and engineered for incredible functionality.


The Motelluxe Airstream is part of the International Signature edition family. This newest model redefines upscale contemporary with its sleek, yet relaxed sophistication - all set in the classic, aerodynamic curved + riveted form. Exceptional vista-view windows flood the interiors with light. 

Motelluxe's Airstream is prêt-à-porté and this self-contained luxury residence awaits you.